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Some Real Estate Attractions Are Just Plain Weird

Especially when it’s been a particularly long or hard winter, real estate agents in the sunnier states count on getting an influx of inquiries. In California, that phenomenon usually gets a boost when TV starts broadcasting shots of sunny blue ...

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In the Far Future, Driverless Autos Could Impact Southern Maryland Properties

The headline in last week’s Bloomberg Technology was startling: “A Driverless Future Threatens the Laws of Real Estate.” In a week that opened with Wall Street’s heart-thumping 1,175-point Dow selloff, did we really need something to also threaten the very ...

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Southern Maryland SDIRA Investment Avoids Wall Street Gyrations

For many typical Southern Maryland breadwinners, last week’s stock market gyrations undoubtedly revived feelings that had been largely absent for quite a while: retirement jitters. Nearly a quarter of working Americans own Individual Retirement Accounts—but since most IRAs’ values fluctuate ...

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Selling Your Southern Maryland House: No Time for Secrets

If you’ve learned to skip past onscreen click-me’s with hyperlinks reading, “Top 10 Secrets” or “Best Kept Secrets of the Pros,” you can usually rest assured that you’ve saved yourself some time. No matter whether the long-hidden secrets deal with ...

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5 Reasons for Buying Your Southern Maryland Home Now

There’s no challenging that ancient fable about the boy who cried wolf—which boils down to a simple story about why false alarms turn into more than minor irritants when a real wolf shows up. I can’t think of a comparable ...

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4 Tricks the Pros Use for Southern Maryland Open Houses

Since bright, sunny days can’t be counted on for Southern Maryland open houses scheduled in February, the most common recommendations at this time of year deal with light. Everyone points out how doubly important it is to open the drapes ...

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