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Despite Fed Move, Southern Maryland Mortgage Picture Remains Rosy

Last week, following the Fed’s hike in the rates they charge banks, you might expect a matching rise in mortgage rates for Southern Maryland home buyers and refi applicants. If the experts are right, that’s far from a done deal. ...

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Southern Maryland Home Appraisals Best Left to Humans

In the Terminator movies, a robot from the future (Arnold Schwarzenegger) hunts down the human heroine in order to change the future by altering the past. Although that’s actually the present. It’s complicated. Although generally considered science fiction, the same ...

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Southern Maryland Rental Homes for Sale—Slow, Steady Opportunity

The term “get rich quick scheme” has been held in low regard since before Charlie Ponzi’s pyramid came crashing to earth in the 1920s. Probably that word “scheme” is a problem…sounds too shifty. And the whole idea of sudden riches ...

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For Proud Southern Maryland Fathers: A Day to Goof Off

As has become traditional on the third Sunday in June, Southern Maryland fathers can look forward to being honored and fussed over. For most families, Father’s Day in Southern Maryland is considered to be every bit as important a celebration ...

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Lighting the Way for Selling Your Southern Maryland Home

You could say that selling a home—in Southern Maryland or anywhere else in the nation—is in large part “a light show.” When you dissect marketing statistics that trace the path of the vast majority of buyers, it’s clear that the ...

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Making the Most of Today’s Crop of Southern Maryland Homes for Sale

Not everyone who is looking at the homes for sale in Southern Maryland needs to come up with a winner right away. If their own house has just been listed, they may reasonably estimate that it will be some months ...

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